Hallie grew up in Boise’s Northend. After spending periods of time waiting tables, baking, rafting, and hiking in Stanley, Idaho; Hallieattending the University of Montana in Missoula (go Grizz!); and working as an Outdoor Recreation Intern on the Arizona Strip, she found her way back home. It wasn’t until after Hallie’s travels to magical distant places, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography, and a Forest Service career working with natural disasters that she decided to pursue her dream of owning her own business. That dream became a reality when she opened The Fox Den.

She enjoys the challenges and rewards that come from helping people look and feel their best. Providing a place of restoration, healing, empowerment and expert skincare to her guests has been her delight.

About our skincare line:
Hallie spent a lot of time researching skin care lines, searching for something that meets the highest standards. Many grueling hours were spent referencing the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website, comparing ingredients and testing products. She wanted a company that cared about every part of the process to create each product. It was very important to know she would be passing on an ethically sound, and effective product to her customers.

To Hallie, “ethically sound” means the plants have been grown organically or are wild crafted, the people harvesting the ingredients are paid a fair wage, and there is minimal processing so the nutritional and medicinal value is preserved. It is important that absolutely no animal testing is used. Additionally, she didn’t want to worry about any potentially harmful ingredients (like herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, GMO’s or petroleum products).

Out of all the product lines she tested, Hallie found only Angelina Organic Skincare met all of her standards. Even better, they are based out of Bend, Oregon, just a few short hours away! She tried Angelina’s products (and loved them), but went an extra step and checked with several spas who already use this line. She heard nothing but glowing reviews about Angelina Organic Skincare.


BushMansionThe Fox Den is conveniently located on the second floor of the historic Bush Mansion. On the North East corner of Eleventh and Franklin streets, this beautiful Historic building is just across the street from Boise High as well as the Cathedral of the Rockies. With one foot in the foothills and the other in Downtown Boise, The Fox Den’s central location provides a beautiful and convenient setting for our customers.

The Fox Den
1020 W Franklin,
Boise, ID 83702