Seed Bomb Workshop

-with Hallie
April 16th at 10AM

IMG_0773Want to be a rouge gardener for Earth Day? Join us for this DIY Seed Bomb Workshop where we’ll teach you how to make your very own seed bombs and help save the Monarch Butterfly at the same time! All materials provided, one ticket per participant.


Smudge Making Workshop

-with Jasmine and Hallie


The practice of burning dried plants to produce smoke as means to purify the air and conjure healing benefits is an ancient tradition from roots all over the world. Our western culture most often pulls from the Native American practice of smudge sticks and their use of dried herbs such as sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and lavender as healing plants. Sage, has historically been considered a highly sacred ingredient by the Native Americans.

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Face Yoga

-with Rainbow Eric
Select Months Fall and Spring

Face Yoga at The Fox DenThis 50 minute class is composed of gentle, restorative movement designed to get the blood flowing for healthy cellular rejuvenation, increased elasticity and balance in the muscle and skin tone, and overall health and wellbeing. Special instruction is given to target trouble areas such as under the chin, crows feet, and jaw tension. We will develop relaxation, and meditation skills along with movement, breath, and body awareness. Bring a mat if you have one, no prior yoga experience required and all levels welcome! To learn more about your instructor Rainbow Eric, visit To contact him directly with questions or to schedule a personal healing appointment call 208-890-3254.