How to Prepare

hair_growth_cycleThe steps to prepare for Body Sugaring are very simple, in fact, the rule is to do nothing at all!

Make sure your sugaring appointment is at least 3-5 weeks after your last sugaring, or 14-21 days after shaving. That means untrimmed, unplucked, unshaven, unwaxed, un-EVERYTHINGED! The #1 mistake that first time clients make when coming in to their initial Sugaring appointment is trimming because they believe their hair is too long, or coming in sooner than they should.

There are 3 stages in our hair growth cycle: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Sugaring is most effective when done on hairs in the Anagen stage of growth because in this stage, the hair is still growing from the root. Removing the hair while it is attached at the root weakens the follicle over time and results in less growth. Scheduling your appointments every 3 to 5 weeks puts your hairs on the same growth cycle, so more are removed during the Anagen phase resulting in significantly decreased regrowth! Win win!

Plan to have at very minimum 2-weeks worth of hair growth – untrimmed, unplucked, untouched.

After Care

After your sugaring appointment, expect sensitive areas to feel tender for the first day or so and avoid being intimate or soaking in bodies of water the first 24 hours as your pores are freshly exfoliated and exposed to entry of bacteria which can cause irritation or ingrown follicles. After 48 hours you should use a gentle exfoliant every few days to keep the skin fresh and prevent ingrown hairs, and a gentle unscented moisturizer should be used EVERY DAY to keep the skin hydrated and promote smooth regrowth.

Always feel free to contact the spa any time with questions or concerns regarding your appointment! There are no stupid questions and your skin will thank you later

-Andrea Bird
Owner of The Fox Den